ZX-560 Automatic Carton Thermoforming Machine

The automatic carton thermoforming machine is a fully automatic paper forming machine with the advantages of high speed and convenient operation. This model uses a self-contained hot air generator for single PE coated paper. It is used to produce single-color disposable paper lunch boxes through automatic feeding, heating (with hot air generating device), hot press forming (four corners of bonded lunch boxes), automatic point collection, and microcomputer control. Paper lunch boxes, cake tray, food packaging boxes, etc. Mechanical transmission, speed, energy saving, stability, and easy operation.

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Technical Parameters

Speed 30-45 boxes/min (The Speed varies depending onthe box size)
Maximum size 480 x480mm
E-power voltage 380V 50HZ
Suitable Material 200-400g/m2 PE coated paper
Total Power 3KW
Weight 0.7T
Dimension 1550 x 1350 x 1800 mm
Working Air Source 0.4-0.5Mpa


Motor Main motor Schneider
Electrical parts PLC Schneider
Frequency converter Schneider
Photoelectric switch Schneider
AC contactor Schneider
Breaker Schneider
Start switch Schneider
Temperature table Yatai
Pneumati Main cylinder Taiwan AirTAC
Other pneumatic originals Made in China
Bearing Haerbin


product-description1Double lattice box 25-35 Boxes/min
product-description2Lunch box 35-45 Boxes/min
product-description3Take away box 35-45 Boxes/min
product-description4Square box with cover 30-35 Boxes/min
product-description5Cake tray 35-45 Boxes/min

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